Product Features

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

  • Advanced data collection to build and personalize any mobile questionnaire, and better connect with your customers.
  • Comparison-based insights, providing smart questionnaire’ changes to help you measure against industry benchmarks and standards.
  • Instant identification of customer issues and problems, with the ability to personalize and adapt your surveys to reach your goals.
  • Objective comparison algorithm by benchmarkssuch as location, audience, and more.
Product Features

Real-Time Problem Solving

  • Compare run times and create customer-tailored questionnaires.
  • Mobile surveys designed to collect important data about your customers, 24/7 and at any location.
  • Identify and reward active responders who provide professional and reliable feedback.
  • Segment-based feedback analysis to facilitate the production of statistical and comparative reports.
  • Recognize and evaluate your customers, with customized surveys and polls based on geographical location.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

  • Set up your campaign in five minutes. No cumbersome interface, no confusing UI.
  • Completely customizable and modular to both customers and end-users.
  • One-step installation, with no need for application download.
  • Cross-platform capabilities (web and mobile).
  • Multiple pre-built design templates to choose from, with full control over design, branding, and more.